Rochester Red Wings code of conduct (pdf)

1. Treat my teammates with respect and at no time verbally, physically or mentally abuse any other club member.

2. On and off-ice players are required to display the proper respect due to officials, opposing players and coaches.

3. Players are expected to pay attention to their coaches during practices and games. Asking questions is always encouraged, but disruptive talking and horseplay are not conducive to learning and will not be tolerated.

4. Refrain from talking back or arguing with any official or coach. Profanity, abusive language, and improper gestures will not be tolerated on or off the ice.

5. Players are expected to treat facilities, both home and away, with respect. This includes making sure locker rooms and team bench areas are cleaned after each game or practice and following all rules specific to each facility.

6. Play and practice this sport with energy and enthusiasm, but never in a dirty manner

Blatant disregard of the above can lead to one or more of the following consequences at the coach’s discretion:

•Sitting out shifts during a game or on the bench during practices
•Being sent off the ice for the remainder of the game or practice
•Suspension from further games or practices until a satisfactory resolution is agreed upon by the player and the coach.

The above rules are not intended to suggest in any way that the Rochester Red Wings Organization feels that there are serious behavior problems among our players. Rather, it is intended to convey, in writing, our programs expectations for fair play and sportsmanship.

Players should remember that hockey is a team sport. All team members should strive to create an atmosphere that is supportive, a work ethic that allows all to learn and progress, and a commitment to teamwork and sportsmanship.

March 27, 2015